Pieter Jansen

Whether he’s inspiring dancers from the DJ booth, broadcasting on Red Light Radio or working behind the counter at the Bordello A Parigi store, Pieter Jansen is a familiar face on Amsterdam’s thriving underground electronic music scene.

Jansen has been bubbling away beneath the surface of the Dutch scene since the early part of the decade. He began by promoting parties and festivals, before dedicating more time to DJing. From the start Jansen chose to champion vinyl, quickly earning a reputation as a DJ who gives equal prominence to both new releases and lesser-known second-hand finds.

It’s almost impossible to pin Jansen to a specific style or scene; instead, he’s cultivated a personal DJ style that prioritizes darker, weirder and deeper records while remaining firmly focused on the dancefloor. He’s known for taking risks – both in terms of creating inspired, surprising mixes and with the records he reaches for – though he’s also not afraid to shed a ray of light on the dancers by reaching for well-known records every now and then. It’s this that defines his style more than any particular genre, although he does regularly reach for electro, IDM industrial, techno, ambient and minimalist grooves.

Jansen is a fixture at all annual Draaimolen events, a regular behind the decks at De School, BAR and noted Belgian LGBTQI+ party SPEK. Memorably, he also played the closing slot at Lowlands 2018.

Joining the staff of Bordello A Parigi’s store in the weeks after it opened in the spring of 2017 inspired Jansen to launch two labels of his own. There’s yeyeh (short for „You’re Everything You’ve Ever Heard“), a lovingly curated outlet for intriguing, interesting and inspired listening music old and new. Jansen’s second label, ninih, ist he night to yeyeh’s day; an imprint focused more on rhythmical, club-ready sounds.