Max Graef

Forget everything you think you know about the Berlin based producer and musician, Max Graef.

Over the years, this multi-faceted artist has developed into one with a refined musical style and personality, while constantly drawing on many varying influences.

He co-runs the free spirited Tax Free label together with his friend Can. He plays in the hypnotic rock-jazz-tribal leaning band 2Morph, with whom he released an LP on Good Morning Tapes. He releases experimental electronic music as Employee, drops digital metal as OC and works together with friends like Funkycan or TBZ in projects like Abdul or Grrrr. Together with Julius Conrad he debuted as Ratgrave with the self-titled electronic P-Fusion LP on Apron Records last year.

All these projects highlight his love for rock, dub and experimental spheres, mirrored in a similar way when he is playing records or live with his 6-piece band.