Lord Of The Isles

His music is vivid, effervescent and impressively visual, offering immersive soundscapes that transport listeners to imaginary worlds. In turn, these would-be electronic soundtracks are variously inspired by the sci-fi landscapes of Ralph McQuarrie he adored as a boy, and his deep-rooted love of the outdoors. In particular, the Highlands and islands of his native Scotland, where he remains a regular visitor, are a constant source of inspiration.

Musically, you can hear these inspirations in LORD OF THE ISLES’ music, which is never less than pleasingly tricky to pin down. His music sidesteps neat pigeonholing, variously touching on ambient, deep techno, analogue house, Italo, classic cinematic soundtracks and glistening Balearica. Each release – and there have been a few, for labels as diverse as Permanent Vacation, Mule Musiq, Ene, Phonica, Firecracker, Shevchenko and in November 2016 LOTI released his debut album, ‘In Waves’, via Lovefingers’ esteemed imprint ESP Institute to critical acclaim, receiving 9/10 and album of the month from Mixmag.

There are moments of surging intensity, becalmed soundscapes, pulsating club tracks and heady, otherworldly grooves across all of his output.

For all the variety, each release sounds distinctively like LORD OF THE ISLES, a product of his instinctive grasp of mood and melody and a unique production style honed through years spent in the studio.

Whichever way you look at it, the LORD OF THE ISLES story has just begun. Immerse yourself in his imaginary worlds, inspired by the unending beauty of his native Scotland; we promise you’ll be blissfully daydreaming and dancing with your eyes closed in no time at all.